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Joy is…

A businesswoman, journalist and broadcaster, and She runs the Trouble Club, a monthly talk and events night fronted by top-flight women speakers and fine quantities of gin. She writes for the Financial Times and broadcasts on Monocle 24.

She knows London inside out after 4 years as editor of Londoner's Diary in the Evening Standard, and subsequently as an executive editor, editing Progress 1000, the list of the most interesting people in London.

She is a member of the British American Project, the Anglo-US collaborative conversation group set up by Lord Carrington


Trouble is


The naughty younger sister to the private members club family, the Trouble Club was founded by Joy Lo Dico, editor of Londoner's Diary in the Evening Standard.

“There’s something special about letting women — often in the minority in the workplace — be in charge of the room” said Lo Dico when asked why she started the club.

‘You realise that all sorts of things happen in places you don’t get access to,’ says the enviably connected writer, Joy Lo Dico, 39, who runs women’s-only club Trouble and is on the guest list for all the best parties.

-Daily Mail-