No Offence But....

No Offence But....

from 10.00

7pm on 31st Januury

The Groucho Club, Dean Street, Soho

After a year in which many of us discovered we didn't understand our neighbours, now comes the moment to say what you really think. Leading the conversation will be: Nimco Ali, FGM campaigner, outspoken and fearless on her love for Zac Goldsmith; businesswoman and Brexit-fan Michelle Dewberry; and Sonia Sodha, an opinion shaper at the Observer and policy guru.

We want you, the audience, to be truthful - on your politics, feelings about immigration, freedom of speech and whether the EU was a pile of bunkum or not. No reading from a script - come and talk from the heart.  And no earplugs in when you hear something you don't like.

This event is being held in Gennaro room of The Groucho and we are invited to the club for a drink afterwards. 

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